Top 10 Chirashi Bowls in Los Angeles

An affordable way to enjoy sashimi

Chirashi bowl at Sushi Go 55
Chirashi bowl at Sushi Go 55 | Photo by Clarissa Wei

The word “chirashi” in Japanese means scattered. Order a chirashi bowl at your local Japanese restaurant and you’ll be handed a bowl of seasoned rice topped with scattered slices of raw fish, fish roe, and/or the occasional tamagoyaki, a spongy egg garnish. It’s the ideal option for sushi fiends who don’t want to order a la carte or dish out the big bucks for a sashimi platter. 

The mark of a good chirashi bowl is balance. Each grain should be evenly seasoned with the tangy, alkaline sweetness of rice vinegar. Sesame seeds are often sprinkled on top for good measure. Different types of fresh fish are layered on top - bonus points for textural diversity. Garnishes are optional additions and always provide welcome respite. 

Read on for ten of our favorite chirashi bowls in Los Angeles.

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