The Top 5 Dishes in Burbank

Passion “Side Up” at Commonwealth Restaurant
Passion “Side Up” at Commonwealth Restaurant | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Burbank is now best known for movie and TV studios from companies like Warner Bros. and Walt Disney, but the city’s modern development can be traced to a dentist. Dr. David Burbank accumulated significant land holdings in the area and made a fortune by selling his ranch to a consortium called Providencia Land, Water and Development Company in 1886. Residents later incorporated Burbank in 1911. The city remains famous for producing globally beloved content and bills itself as “Media Capital of the World.” Of course, all of these creative types - and Burbank residents who don’t work in the entertainment industry - crave good food. Discover five of Burbank’s best dishes.

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345 N. Pass Ave.
91505 Burbank , CA
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