Dip Into the Top 5 Guacamole in L.A.

Made-to-order guacamole at Bar Amá
Made-to-order guacamole at Bar Amá | Instagram by @bar_ama

There’s no shortage of great guacamole in Los Angeles, a city blessed to contain some of the best Mexican food on the planet, in a state that grows a fair percentage of the world’s avocados. This most perfect snack (and the most-consumed item on Super Bowl Day) has ancient roots, as avocados have been cultivated in Central America for thousands of years and there’s record of the fruit being smashed together with other ingredients in a molcajete by the Aztecs. People might disagree about what other ingredients are necessary - onions? Garlic? Tomatoes? Lemon? - but everyone knows that at its base, guacamole is one of the world’s best dishes. Here are five restaurants in L.A. County doing excellent renditions of it.

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812 N. Evergreen Ave
90033 East Los Angeles , CA
118 W 4th Street
90071 Los Angeles , CA
10717 Riverside Dr.
91602 Toluca Lake , CA